Trust vs. Re-assurance

  • final day of an important project submission and presentation and you fall sick- only option is for your other colleague to present on your behalf- would you trust her to give you enough credit in front of jury?
  • A good acquaintance in dire straits and badly need of money, would you trust her?
  • one is hospitalized, 20 people touch you every-day, do your stuff from cleaning to test samples and what not- difficult to trust each one of them would have taken full care and precaution to make sure you dont get further infected
  • have a great idea and can really change the outcome of your project, before you can present to evaluators you want all the assurance from your friends that it indeed is a great idea
  • a medical condition which is beyond your control, and there is so much you can ask your doctor, you want everyone who is part of her team to reassure that you are improving and will recover soon




#love tech but, cant </code>

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nitin khanna

nitin khanna

#love tech but, cant </code>

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